Consultation of fitness goals: Discuss your conditioning, nutrition, strength training, racing and overall performance and fitness goals.

Personal training: Let me help you succeed by setting fitness goals that are measureable and obtainable. Learn how to start off on the right foot with your exercise program.

Group training: These one-hour classes focus on strength-building, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, athleticism and total body fitness. Each class will be different and my goal is to see gradual improvement as you participate and work towards a new level of fitness.

Personally, individualized training programs: I will formulate a 5-20 week daily program that considers not just your racing and training goals, but also your daily life and work schedule outside of training.

Analyze your stride efficiency and foot strike mechanics: Using a treadmill and filming your strides, we can look at possible areas where you are not running as efficiently as possible.

HR Zone and Blood Lactate testing to determine proper heart rate training zones: We will test you on a treadmill or bike and come up with accurate heart rate training zones for recovery, quality aerobic, threshold, and interval days.

Learn what HR zones you should be working in to improve: A detailed report will allow you to train each day and know exactly what zone you should be working in.

Learn complete strength training programs designed specifically for performance improvement and injury prevention: I can write daily training programs for 5-20 weeks based on your goals.

Flexibility evaluation: We can look at areas that may need improvement for flexibility and apply flexibility routines where they are needed. Learn when to use the routines to help you prepare for a workout or race and to aid in recovery.